Blaser v. State Teachers’ Retirement System

The Court of Appeal reversed the trial court's judgment and held the continuous accrual theory applies here to the periodic pension benefit payments made to teachers. The court held that CalSTRS is barred by the three-year statute of limitations of Education Code section 22008 from asserting any claims against petitioners related to overpayments for periodic pension benefits to them that accrued more than three years before February 1, 2016; to the extent CalSTRS has previously deducted from petitioners' benefits monies claimed due for overpayments on periodic pension benefits accruing prior to February 1, 2013, CalSTRS is directed to return such collected funds to petitioners, and each of them; and CalSTRS, under the continuous accrual theory, is not precluded from asserting any claim regarding past overpayment, collecting upon such past overpayments, or adjusting any future monthly pension benefit payments of petitioners, where such periodic payments accrued on or after February 1, 2013. View "Blaser v. State Teachers' Retirement System" on Justia Law